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Medical forms required annually for student-athletes

Rockhurst High School requires each student-athlete to have several valid health forms and acknowledgements of agreement. We will be using a service called Privit. The platform is now open and we ask all families and student-athletes to complete their profiles no later than August 3rd. Please note, we are not able to transfer your information from the previous system for several reasons that include needing to complete annual information and needing to verify medical uploads into the new system. Rockhurst can provide you with the immunization and physical that was on file. Below are instructions that were published in the weekly Principal's Newsletter.

One very important form is the Doctor's Physical which is good for 2 years from the date it was issued. It is best to complete the Pre-participation Medical History Form out in advance of the Doctor's Visit with the Physical Form. Get the Doctor to complete the physical form. Make sure a date is included and the name is legible on the form. Both of those documents plus others will then need to be uploaded into Privit.


Immunization Form
  • These is a requirement by the state of Missouri for all incoming freshmen, transfers and an updated one for seniors. Questions go to Mrs. Lisa Weis, Rockhurst school nurse

Rockhurst does NOT accept paper copies of these forms.


**The following is an exact reproduction from the Principal's Newsletter**

Rockhurst is entering into a partnership with Privit as our online health forms platform.  This platform replaces Magnus. 
Several requirements must be completed annually, while a few of the forms can be re-uploaded.  Please see below about how to get access to your valid forms that were on the old platform (on Magnus).

Each family will need to set up a profile and complete requirement regardless of whether they are a student-athlete or non-athlete student:

Note: There are places in Privit where the platform asks for an "athlete" to complete or otherwise claims to be is an athletic-only site.  We are using this site for ALL students, so please still complete all information. We are working with Privit to get the language changed on the site, but we don’t want to hold up the registration process.

From a desktop computer:

  1. Go to
  2. You will be brought to a Welcome screen. Please note that we are using this site for all students, so even if it says "student-athletes" or "athletes," if it is a requirement that is loading for you, please complete it.
  3. Select Register and create a profile.  You will be asked to confirm your profile via text or email.
  4. Then, create your son’s profile by clicking on the “add student/athlete”.
  5. Under your profile, you will see Athlete Signature.  Go in and create an electronic signature for you under Manage Your E-Signature (using your mouse or trackpad) and then under Manage Family Accounts is where you would have your son create his E-signature.  Save and submit all of thoseYou will need to create E-signatures for both the parent and the student. 
  6. Once you have created both profiles, under your son’s name you will see General Information. You may need to go back to the home page to see this.  Then click on “start” next to the General Information tab.  By selecting the grade and whether he is going to participate in athletics will determine which requirements populate in the profile.
  7. If your son is going to be a student-athlete, Join the appropriate team. This can be updated later, as well, if you are not sure which teams he will be with. 
  8. Begin completing the requirements by starting with the Personal Details.  Again, click the “start” tab in the personal details section.  This is a form which you fill out online. 
  9. There are several requirements where you simply fill out the form. 
  10. There are also some requirements where you must upload a form as a picture or scan of the document.  Once you have that form saved to your computer, you can browse and upload the form to the appropriate requirements.  Uploaded items are: completed physical signed and dated by the doctor, immunizations, action plans for items like diabetes, asthma, etc. and prescription permission form completed and signed by the doctor.
  11. After each submission, you may be directed back to main page for your son and you may see an announcement that reads “submission incomplete”.  This simply means that you still have more forms to fill or or upload.  You may already know that you have more work to do, but if you are unsure of what still needs to be done, simply click on the tab that reads “click here for more details”.  For some of the forms, you and your son may need to electronically sign the document.  For example, each student and a parent will have to sign the Handbook Acknowledgement Form.
  12. If you need a copy of the immunization form or a blank physical form, you can go to the bottom of your son’s profile and select Print Forms once you have completed the Personal Details. You can also get those forms at GoHawklets link:

From a mobile device:

You can download the app Privit: Health Profiles and complete the information from your cell phone or iPad or tablet.  You will go through the same process as above.  To add a completed document as an upload, there is a “+” in the upper right of the screen, select that and then upload the proper photographed document to the proper requirement.
If you believe that you have a valid immunization record or physical on file, please contact both Mr. Mike Dierks and Mr. Matt Darby (, and they can access forms that were uploaded properly to Magnus (our old online system).
Questions or help needed with the process, please contact any of the following:
Coach Mike Dierks (athletic director) (,
Coach Matt Darby (Dean of Students)
Ms. Lisa Weiss (school nurse)  (
We ask that all fall sports student-athletes complete their profile, forms, and uploads by August 3. All other students should complete their forms by August 10.

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